Bridges to Babylon CD


Kicking off with Charlie Watt's whip-smart timekeeping, Bridges To Babylon finds The Rolling Stones swaggering towards the millennium with a record that confidently asserts that rock & roll is far from a young person's game. Don Was returns behind the boards, and joining him at Mick Jagger's behest are uber-technophiles the Dust Brothers. Rather than leaping headlong onto an ill-fitting bandwagon, the Stones wisely gild their rock & roll lily with subtle electronic nuances. The sampled rap tossed into the noir mood of "Anybody Seen My Baby?" and the swooshing laser sounds of "Might As Well Get Juiced" are present-day window dressing for a legacy deeply rooted in rhythm and blues.


1. Flip the Switch
2. Anybody Seen My Baby?
3. Low Down
4. Already Over Me
5. Gunface
6. You Don't Have to Mean It
7. Out of Control
8. Saint of Me
9. Might As Well Get Juiced
10. Always Suffering
11. Too Tight
12. Thief in the Night
13. How Can I Stop